Nature Walk: Yoho National Park British Columbia, Canada

Series: 52 Episodes

Program Length: half-hour (22:50 min)

Program Description:

"Wow" is the meaning of the aboriginal word "Yoho" and it suits perfectly this stunning mountain park in the Canadian Rockies. On her nature walks, naturalist Sue Ellen Fast tells the story of the dramatic downward flow of water from the continental divide. There's the famed Takakkaw Falls, Wapta Falls, a natural bridge created by the Kicking Horse River, and of course, fabulous aquamarine lakes. Black bears and avalanches also are part of the story. And finally she explores the Burgess Shale high up on a mountain with Dr. Desmond Collins of the Royal Ontario Museum to find fossils that tell of life on this planet 515 million years ago before there was any life on land.


Silver Apple, National Educational Media Network

Yoho National Park Video