The Relaxation Route Video

Program Length: 53 min

About the Program
In the one hour video, Eli Bay introduces you visually to many of the relaxation skills covered in the course that are not available on audio cassette or book. Seeing is an excellent way to learn exactly how it’s supposed to be done and just how simple these exercises are to do. This video helps take the mystery out of the process and gives you the opportunity to experience, practice and master these exercises.

Eli takes you through all the mind focusing relaxation methods, including the two deepening exercises, 3-2-1 and 10-1, The Body Scan, Nostril Breathing and the classic 1-4 technique for calming the chatter of your mind. The Spiral Relaxation exercise is shown in extensive detail and the process is taught in three carefully laid out stages. This a video to learn from and to work with. You have lots of time to practice your skills to the accompaniment of calming images of cloud filled skies and relaxing music especially composed for the video by Andy Thompson.