Episodic Descriptions

Episode 1. The Active Pet: All pets need to need activity for the physical and mental well-being. In this program, viewers see how pet owners have found ways to provide the activity their pets needs. They'll see Border Collies herding sheep, a Dalmatian running with a carriage, dogs dancing and running. Activities for homebound cats and birds are also covered.
Episode 2. The Aging Pet: When adopting a young animal, new owners often overlook the challenges they'll have to meet as their pet ages. In this program, viewers meet pet owners, veterinarians, health technicians, and aging pets to find out what these challenges are. Dealing with suffering and death and grief are also examined in a sensitive way.
Episode 3. Pets as Companions & Helpers: Pets, particularly dogs, often play important roles to help people. In this program viewers are find out about pet visitation programs, service dogs that help the handicapped and dogs who help in the search and rescue efforts.
Episode 4. Children & Pets: Pets can play an important role in children's lives as teachers of empathy and non-judgmental companions. Of course, parents have to be prepared to take on the responsibility for the pets to ensure their well being. In this program, we enter a classroom where pets are part of class study, and we meet many children, who have a variety of pets, to find out their importance to them.
Episode 5. Training Your Pet: Behaviour problems are the number one reason that pets are given away. This program shows the importance of training pets. We meet pet owners with their pets who have taken on the job of training seriously to find out how these efforts have paid off.
Episode 6. Choosing the right pet: A good match between pet and owner can make a difference between a successful relationship or the animal being given up and likely destroyed. This program will examine what makes a successful relationship between pet and its owners, and the downside if there is a poor match. This program will provide useful advice for choosing a pet that fits an individual or family.
Episode 7. The Misbehaving Pet: Behaviour problems in pets are often the result of a pet owner not understanding the importance of training or sometimes it's natural behaviour that the owner was not expecting and which must be modified. In this program, the viewer meets several pet owners with a variety of different pets that are dealing with behaviour problems in their pets.
Episode 8. Pet Breeding: Pet overpopulation is a huge problem in North America. Thousands of pets are euthanized each year because they have no home. Many more strays live miserable lives. This program covers all that and also gives a glimpse into the world of pet breeding by professionals.
Episode 9. Your New Pet: Introducing a new pet into your home carefully and thoughtfully and socializing it are important steps to creating a good relationship with a pet. In this program, viewers meet some new pet owners going through this process and breeders and experts who provide some good advice.
Episode 10. The Traveling Pet: Many people travel today and they like to bring their pets along with them. In this program, we meet some people that travel with their dogs, to find out how they do it successfully, whether in average or high style. Pet sitting and kennel services, including luxury cat hotels and dog camps, are also covered for those who want to leave their pets behind.
Episode 11. Alternative Therapies: When western medicine has no answers, people often turn to alternative therapies looking for help. This program examines some alternative therapies including acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathic medicine. Viewers meet practitioners and their patients.
Episode 12. Animals in the Movies: This program examines what the life of an animal star might be, including any risks involved in the profession. Viewers go on the set of a movie to see what it's like for the animal stars and they hear from the directors, trainers and SPCA officials. A top horse trainer is also featured, and we find out about how animal props make life easier for animals on the set.
Episode 13. The Stressed Pet: Pets can get stressed too. This program looks at what types of things stress animal companions and how it can be alleviated. Viewers meet pet owners dealing with pets who suffered traumatic early lives.
Episode 14. Exotic Pets: Exotic pets, or wild animals, become fads for pet buyers, but they make poor pets. Only the very knowledgeable and caring can properly look after them. And, it is hard to justify taking on wild animals as pets on ethical grounds. In this program, viewers meet people, who have exotic pets, people with sanctuaries for surrendered exotics, customs agents who intercept their transportation and various experts to hear what they have to say.
Episode 15. Healthy, Safe Place: Many thousands of pets are hurt or killed every year because of accidents in and around their home. And pets can introduce health problems into a home too. This program provides an overview of some of the problems. Viewers hear from pets owners whose pets have had accidents and they hear about dealing with fleas and reducing dander which causes allergies.
Episode 16. Responsible Pet Owner: This program examines the meaning of responsible pet ownership. Viewers meet people who take these responsibilities very seriously and others who don't or who've made some mistakes. Viewers will go out for a day with an animal control officer; they'll meet people who have nursed their dogs through multiple medical problems and people who have been unable or unwilling to take on their pets for a lifetime commitment to find out the reasons why.
Episode 17. Helping the Pet Community: There are many issues around people and pets that require political action and social change. In this program, we meet some activists who have worked hard to make the lives of animals better through fighting for spay/neuter legislation, and through fighting for the rights of tenants to have pets in their apartments and on public transit and more.
Episode 18. Pets for Health & Well-being: On-going research continues to indicate that pets can play a very important role in people's health, well-being and self-esteem. And dogs can and do also play a role in helping people with medical problems. In this program, viewers find out how animals help the old and the young and the lonely, and they will also see specially trained service dogs in action.
Episode 19. Pet Nutrition: Nutrition is one of the foundations of good pet care. In this program, viewers find out what veterinarians believe are good diets for their pets, and also about some of the new fads like cooking for your pet. The biggest nutrition problem, obesity, is also a subject in this program in which viewers meet a number of people and their pets.
Episode 20. Animal Heroes: There are many documented stories of heroic acts by pets. And dogs, in particular, are often trained to do heroic work. In this program, we will meet many heroic animals, while exploring the question: Are these animals operating instinctually or are they acting heroically, bravely and compassionately.
Episode 21. The Competitive Pet: Competitions of various types are part of the world of pets. There are competitions, which are just for fun; there are field trials for dogs; there are conformation shows for cats and dogs; there are obedience trials for dogs. This program takes the viewers to all these events to find out what they're about and any issues which may cloud their reputation.
Episode 22. Pet Care: Pet care means being prepared for the unexpected - sickness, accident, natural disaster- and of course, the daily and on-going responsibility for their well-being. In this program, viewers meet people who have lived through a major forest fire to find out what they learned about being prepared, and they'll find out how to deal with more usual medical emergencies, as well as some aspects of on-going pet care like inoculations and grooming.
Episode 23. The Purebred Pet: Although there are many wonderful animals of mixed heritage, many people prefer purebreds because there is a greater degree of certainty in what they will be like. This program looks at people and their purebred pets to find out what characteristics appeal to them and why. It will also look at some of the unsavory aspects of purebreds including the medical problems that some have.
Episode 24. Veterinary Medicine Today: This program looks at what's happening at the leading edge of veterinary medicine and it also looks at veterinary medicine from the point of view of the average consumer with a limited pocket book. Viewers will be taken to top veterinary schools and will also hear from veterinarians who work in ordinary clinics.
Episode 25. Pet Behaviour: Understanding a pet's behaviour can make for a better relationship. This program provides an overview of cat, dog and bird behaviour, including behaviours which sometimes cause problems.
Episode 26. Pet Communication: Understanding pet communication can enhance the owner/pet relationship in many ways. This program provides an overview of how pets communicate through vocalizations and through body language.
Episode 201 - This program shows the exciting canine sport - lure coursing; it profiles two artists with very different styles, but whose work focuses on pets; and we meet a pet groomer who has won the pet world's equivalent of an Oscar to find out about this fine art.
Episode 202 - This program focuses on dogs that point, and we see them in action finding game; it covers a special animal church service where people's pets are blessed, and it looks at pet memorials - people are increasingly memorializing their pets in stone.
Episode 203 - This program covers an outdoor obedience trial where people work to get accreditation for their smart, obedient dogs; it takes a look at country pets - the out-of-the-ordinary pets that rural people sometimes adopt; and we examine the many ways in which pets are important to the elderly.
Episode-204 - This program takes a look at various types of working dogs and the fun and challenge of owning them; it covers the work of people trying to help ferrets which have been given away by their owners; and the program visits a couple of doggy picnics of specific breeds to find out about the fun and games there.
Episode 205 - This program shows at the training of protection dogs using a German approach called Schutzhund; it examines the plight of pets subject to the marital breakup of their owners; and it looks at how sometimes trends in conformation standards have seriously hurt some cat and dog breeds.
Episode 206 - This program features some pets who go to work with their owners; it looks at a pet owners' liability when it comes to their pets' behaviour and what can go terribly wrong; and it shows a day in the life of a vet surgeon.
Episode 207 - This program features the most popular dog and cat breeds to find out why these pets are so well loved; it looks at pets which are non-allergenic; and it focuses on the importance of socializing young pets and how to do it.
Episode 208 - This program looks at the five most common dog-training mistakes; it features the joy of small pet birds of various species, and it covers the excitement of a weight-pulling contest for dogs.
Episode 209 - This program examines both sides of the question: Should you get a pet which is purebred or of mixed origin? It looks at the joy of toys - dogs that is. And it covers the interesting life of pets who live on boats.
Episode 210 - This program looks at the many ways that the internet has enhanced pet ownership; it examines the negative impact of some pets on their environment; and there's a feature on pets with special talents.
Episode 211 - This program profiles the life of a dog handler who shows other people's dogs all over the country; it looks at street kids and their pets, and it covers helping young children deal with the death of a pet.
Episode 212 - This program features homes which have been designed with pets in mind; it features some fascinating personal aquariums and looks at the appeal of this hobby; and it looks at pets in advertising - how pets are recruited and their impact on the sales message.
Episode 213 - This program features some unusual breeds of dogs and cats to find out interesting facts about them and any challenges in owning them; it looks at teaching children how to be around pets; and it covers pet care when the weather is extreme.