What We Do

We make video

We help you speak powerfully and on-message, educate and train, or open up a conversation with your target viewers....and on multi-platforms and in modes ranging from large screen projection for a large audience or laptop or smart phone display for individuals.

We add value to your internet video communications by employing interactive text material overlayed if you like, questionnaires, graphics, animation and other display presentations to enhance the viewer experience and promote interactivity.

Whatever your objectives and goals, we pride ourselves in providing the creative talent and cutting edge techniques to connect with your constituencies in a memorable and powerful way.

Specifically, we manage...

  • all aspects of “video” production from scripting to post production, including:
    • working with the client to establish the communication need
    • research
    • scripting
    • organizing the production team – creatives, crew, actors (when needed)
    • managing the production itself
    • editing, special effects, graphics, music
    • language versioning
    • opening and closing sequences
    • subtitles
    • closed captioning for the hearing impaired
  • Internet delivery including streaming and compression
  • DVD authoring
  • web-based training tools including text overlays, questionnaires, adding computer apps for diverse display systems, etc.
Susan Millar and Deepak Sahasrabudhe, principals of SOMA have a wide knowledge of every stage of these processes.